Corda empowers the construction of an innovative financial system

Corda is an open source blockchain project that allows us to design and develop in the open development environment. Written in Kotlin language, targeting the JVM. With the blockchain technology and smart contract, Corda reduces the record-keeping costs while smoothly running business operations. Enables the deployment and development of distributed apps called CorDapps

  • Multilateral Ledger – Corda is a Distributed Ledger Technology solution (DLT)
  • CorDapps to establish consensus on ledger updates
  • An open-source blockchain development tool
  • Warrants adoption by leading global banks such as NatWest, BNP Paribas, ING, etc.
  • Reliable structure using JAVA and JVM technical languages
  • Integral Uniqueness - written in an open-source code language called Kotlin
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Our Consultancy
  • Experience-driven plan and design for Corda development and implementation with due focus on effective productivity
  • CorDapps development in Java and/or Kotlin.
  • R3’s corda using Ripple's XRP tokens to settle transactions.
  • Launching an app on both private and public networks using permissioning
  • Smart Contracts Audit via Corda that target JVM and JavaScript.
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