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The banking industry has been around for centuries helping as a facilitator for a variety of financial and commercial activities, including trading, loaning and borrowing, transaction processing and payment, underwriting, and so on. However, this has led to inactivity, with the sector becoming over time slow to adapt to the quickly changing realities of the digital age.

There are many fintech solutions available today, making it very confusing for financial service providers to decide which solution will suit them best. Applying new technologies can help modernize the sector.

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Here’s what blockchain in banking brings:
  • Implementing smart contracts in bank’s systems to reduce the costs
  • The removal of intermediaries as smart contracts will be able to achieve transactions successfully enabling peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions
  • Security keys ensure that transparency is maintained in the system while securing the confidential financial information of the stakeholders
  • Invoice Management and Billing Solution through smart contracts
  • Financial Record Keeping in a secured digital ledger
  • Retrieve the user’s information quickly with an immutable smart contract
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Blockchain in Financial Industry - Case Study
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