Openchain being an outstanding cryptographic achievement

Openchain is an open source blockchain technology. It is for organizations wishing to issue and manage digital assets. It saves our time by Instant confirmation of transactions. Hierarchical account system allows to set permission at any stage. Ability to have more than one Openchain instances replicating from each other

  • Extremely high scalability with Multi-signature Support
  • It is immutable like other blockchains
  • Offers unified APIs for building secured crypto applications
  • Assign names to users instead of using base-58 addresses
  • Handle loss or theft of private keys without any consequences to the end users
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Our Consultancy
  • OpenChain Architecture & Design written in C#
  • Smart Contract Development via OpenChain in all JVM languages
  • API Integration with OpenChain through HTTP
  • OpenChain Consultancy based on consensus algorithem
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