Quorum making cryptocurrency even better

Built on Go Ethereum, Quorum blockchain functions similarly to Ethereum. To differentiate itself from the Ethereum, permissioned blockchain is one of the most major distinctions of Quorum. The user can carry out more than 100 transactions per second, Quorum is the most preferable choice of banking institutions.

  • QuorumChain as its voting consensus mechanism
  • Supports Raft and Istanbul BFT as valid consensus options
  • Govern and scale with built-in consortium management
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Our Consultancy
  • Experience-driven plan and design for quorum development and implementation with due focus on effective productivity
  • Quorum App Development in GoQuorum, Tessera, EthSigner, Hyperledger Besu, Orion.
  • Smart Contracts via Quorum in Solidity, Vyper
  • Blockchain App Porting for high-performance and deep customization Ethereum app
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