Neo to makes Your Cryptocurrency Smack.

Neo provides out of the box a full stack of features. You can build complete decentralized applications. Offers DUAL TOKENS to separate governance from utility. GAS rewards are distributed to both voters and committee members in NEO platform. Unlike Ethereum, NEO focuses on the components of a smart economy including digital assets, smart contracts, digital identities, etc.

  • Neo Virtual Machine (NeoVM)
  • Multi-language Development
  • Offer digital certification that comprises of complete legal protection for all the digital assets on the NEO Platform
  • NeoFS – networked storage mechanism
  • NeoQS (Quantum Safe) cryptographic technique
NEO Image - GenesisConvergence

Our Consultancy
  • NeoContract development in C# programming language and under MIT license on GitHub
  • Neo dApp Development in typescript
  • Neo Wallet Development in C#, Java & Python
  • Neo smart contract development written in C#
NEO Image - GenesisConvergence
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