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The education industry faces the similar challenges that have been dragging it down for years. This includes inefficient record-keeping processes, lack of transparency, poor student, and teacher liability no real motivation for students to learn and perform good in class, and lack of trust in educational skills and academic degrees because of misrepresentation. Blockchain has the tendency to impact education and face these challenges by providing solutions described in detail below.

Our Consulting Services
  • Data Protection – Every student’s activity like assignment, etc. will be added to the student’s digital record as blocks, which may be viewed on the student’s profile.
  • Smart contracts for teachers to enter into agreements with students regarding the completion of their tasks
  • Using cryptocurrency and tokenized credits to create reward systems to motivate students
  • Protection of copyright and digital rights – Accessing student, teacher, school data recorded on a blockchain and use to improve educational practices.
  • Provide individualized learning within a conventional classroom setup, create the motivational element using smart contracts
  • Do Seamless payments using bitcoin – salary transfer, student fees, etc.
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Blockchain in Education Industry - Case Study
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