Decentralized Application(dApp) Development

Making Decentralized Application(dApp) Development Easy and Safe to Use.

Decentralize Applications (dApps) are a developing motion of programs that use Ethereum to disrupt business models or invent new ones. They are open-source applications that influence interaction with smart contracts running on a peer-to-peer network of servers. A dApp’s purpose is to offer a service to users and resolve a problem by offering a variety of benefits that set them apart from any other traditional app.

  • User-governance and Autonomy
  • Transparency
  • Fault-tolerance
  • Open source
  • Incentivization
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Our Consulting Services
  • MVP Consulting
  • End-to-end dApp development, including smart contracts, frontend, backend, and design
  • Analyze, identify, define, and suggest technical components and the right blockchain platform
  • Encapsulation of dApps as microservices externalized by APIs
  • Deploy new smart contracts, upgrade the microservices for the dApps with complete migration
  • Automation with custom-tolerance as per specific need
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Decentralized Application (DApps) - Case Study
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