Security Token Offering (STO)

Taking the lead for STO development excellence in the Blockchain Market

Security Token Offering (STO) is a popular fundraising mechanism used by startups and entrepreneurs to raise funds through fully regulated shares such as real estate, Assets, Gold, crude oil, silver, etc.

  • Debt token
  • Equity token
  • Asset token

  • Ownership Security Services
    • Full ownership is provided to the token holder
    • For fund-recovery procedures – Provides the options for forced transfer
    • ERC1400 tokens to make secure and transparent transactions
    • Assets can be divided into smaller values
    • Automated SEC compliance
    • Larger Liquidity
    • Scam free due to SEC regulation
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    Our Consulting Services
    • Equity Token Development Services – Business Planning, Financial Modelling
    • Asset-based Token Development Services to secure serverless architecture
    • Debt Token Development Services
    • Intellectual Property-Based Development Services
    • Utility Token Development Services
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