Cosmos maintain sovereign, quick process transactions.

Cosmos is uniquely designed to maintain sovereign, quick process transactions, letting let people communicate with other blockchains in the ecosystem. Making it optimal, Cosmos helps to build custom, secure, scalable, and interoperable blockchain applications for a variety of use cases.

  • Uses Agoric’s Cosmic SwingSet
  • Architecture consists of two classes: Zones and Hubs
  • Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol to interact with the Cosmos Hub
  • Offer low/no-code cosmos software development kit (SDK) to the developers
Cosmos Image - GenesisConvergence

Our Consultancy
  • Cosmos dApp development build in Go
  • Cosmos Smart Contract development written in direct replica of Ethereum, Ethermint
  • Cosmos Wallet development in C# and some high level assembly language named X#.
  • Cosmos Defi applications in Golang
Cosmos Image - GenesisConvergence
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