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The procedure of moving to a new house is never easy, whether you’re moving out for the first time, thirty-first time, renting, or purchasing, there are many requirements, guidelines, and logistical applications to consider. Even the highly organized people have a tough time to manage their surveyors, valuers, and transportations, plus multiple estate agents.

Blockchain technology can be used to rationalize the process of buying and selling property, at the same time reducing administrative interruptions and errors when purchasing real estate.

Our Consulting Services
  • Smart Contracts between renters and landlord reduce time and money.
  • Token securitization of properties via blockchain, along with token-enabled marketplace.
  • Tokenizing the commercial and residential properties with a representation and storing its value on the blockchain.
  • Tokenization or bitcoin enable complete partitioning of the property and enable one or more counterparties to purchase tokens and receive rental cash flow distribution rights.
  • By utilizing smart contracts, the whole agreement can be automated, and payments can be sent and received instantly.
  • Entity-attribute model – representing the entity by the ID or property address and the attributes are represented by the property’s details, such as the number of beds or baths
  • Access to global asset distribution
  • Smart contracts can be utilized to collect and distribute payments to beneficiary holders, and deliver real-time reporting to regulators
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Blockchain in Real Estate Industry - Case Study
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